Case Study

Elkhart Indiana insurance agency struggles with DIY phone system kit

The Challenge

The owners of this insurance agency in Elkhart Indiana made the decision to update their aging phone phones for use with their existing Comcast Voice service. They found a “Do it Yourself” phone system online and were a bit overwhelmed when they received the box of items in the mail. There just seemed to be a lot of parts and not a lot of instructions. It was at this point they called 574 Technologies for some assistance.

The Solution

After explaining the situation to our team, we went to their office to find out what they were working with. After further examination, the DIY phone system they purchase was very expensive and had more poor reviews than positive. This prompted the conversation about what this agency’s goals were. Their primary motivation for replacing the phone system was wanting newer phones to replace the 10+ year old phones they were currently using. They also mentioned saving money would be cool, but not their primary motivation.

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