Case Study

Mishawaka, Indiana Contractor needs a good way to share company resources with their staff working in the field

The Challenge

A successful specialty construction company in Mishawaka, Indiana has a team of installers who work at various job sites and often on multiple jobs simultaneously. Their workflow consisted of office staff putting together work orders and then the installers would complete their check lists and other worksite duties and keep track of everything by paper.

Eventually, when the installers returned to office, they would turn in all their paperwork so the team in the office could update the job, bill for labor, update supplies, and more. As they started becoming busier, they noticed this method was no longer suiting them, as it was taking too long for records to be updated between when work was completed and when it was input into their systems. Then add to that the amount of misplaced paperwork on a consistent basis, it was quite the recipe for disaster.

The Solution

This business knew their solution was to move to a paperless model, but they didn’t know what steps to take. They had already purchased tablets for all the installers but hadn’t moved past that point. Enter: 574 Technologies.

Since this company was already utilizing Microsoft products for their productivity and email, moving them to Teams for file sharing was the next obvious step. This solution also fit well with their current file structure and workfl.

Moving file storage from a local server to teams and providing appropriate permissions based on role allowed their team to continue their workflow as before, but without needing to deal with delayed or lost paperwork. The installers update files as needed, as they go, and the office staff immediately can do the appropriate billing or supply orders. It was a match made in Heaven!

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