Case Study

Family-owned, Michiana HVAC business successfully replaces their entire hard file documentation with Microsoft Teams

The Challenge

From taking a new order, to invoicing clients, hard copies were being created, printed, scanned, shared, and stored amongst several internal and external personnel. This created serious bottlenecks and unnecessary risks of lost data, not to mention the financial setbacks of printing and file storage space.

The Solution

When we were presented with this issue, we knew Microsoft Teams would be a quick and easy solution. Teams makes it easier than ever to sync the user’s and company’s files all in one place. By simply installing Teams on their devices and utilizing Microsoft OneDrive, we were able to replace their scanners and filing cabinets instantly. When salespersons are now quoting clients onsite, they’re able to quickly upload order information, photos, etc. to be shared with staff at the office simultaneously. This allows for easy project management, as even external users (such as a 3rd party contractor) can be granted access to files and important communications regarding the project. All the detail for one project lives in one place, enabling secure storage and quick access for future review.

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