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We help businesses take control of their technology and use it to their advantage. This includes keeping your data safe, staying secure online, and increasing productivity.

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How our Managed IT Services Can Help Your Lagrange Indiana Business

When is the last time you looked at your work and thought, “There has to be a better way to do this”? The good news is, there probably is.

We can help your business uncover solutions that encourage growth, while also maintaining or improving security.

Not every solution makes sense for every business, so we focus on fixing problems that you actually have by leveraging the technology available.

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Our Core Services

Managed IT Services

Our LaGrange Indiana Managed IT Services is the one stop solution for your business. We act as your IT department, handling tech support for your staff, managing computers, servers, and networking equipment, setting up new employees’ tech, and monitoring your environment for cyber threats. This is a custom-tailored solution that is one flat fee per month and includes unlimited support. It’s hard to beat.

IT Strategy Planning

Meeting regularly to discuss IT strategy is crucial to the success of our partnership. We want to ensure that your environment is running optimally, so this includes discussing new tools, hardware upgrades, budgets, security, business goals, and more. With a solid IT strategy, your LaGrange Indiana business can make the most of technology's potential to boost efficiency and drive growth.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Imagine your data backup and disaster recovery plan as a safety cushion that keeps your business going no matter what. It's like a shield for your important data and systems, making sure you don't face long downtime when unexpected things like cyberattacks, hardware problems, or natural disasters happen. With this backup plan, your business in LaGrange Indiana can confidently handle uncertainties, protecting both its reputation and financial stability.

Cybersecurity Services

Unfortunately, businesses in LaGrange Indiana are just as susceptible, if not more susceptible, to cyber threats as larger corporations. We put a lot of resources into ensuring that our clients are taking a layered approach to cybersecurity. This is a multi-level plan including good policies, solid email security, network firewalls, and 24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) teams.

Microsoft 365/Office 365

If you are using Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, or Outlook, chances are you are paying for a Microsoft 365 subscription. Do you know if you’re getting the most out of your subscription. We can help your team learn about all the features that come with Microsoft 365 and how to protect your Microsoft 365 data.

Cloud Services

As your trusted partner for cloud services in LaGrange Indiana, we understand the benefits that cloud solutions can bring to your business—think flexibility, scalability, and turbocharged collaboration. Our team will dig into your specific needs to see if cloud services are a good fit for your goals. If it makes sense, we'll seamlessly migrate your apps and data to cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure.

What our customers are saying

The team at 574 Technologies has been great at keeping us online and secure. More often than not, they notice issues before we do. Highly recommend

Municipal Industry

574 Technologies provides IT support and security to our vet practice. We never have to worry about issues because they are quick to respond and resolve anything that comes up!

Veterinary Industry

Ariel and the team at 574 Technologies have been providing fast and efficient IT service to us for a little over a year now. In addition to keeping us secure, they're always looking for ways to use technology to improve productivity in our office. Definitely recommend them.

Construction Industry

We trust 574 Technologies to keep our business secure. They always respond quickly and work efficiently to keep us moving.

Trucking Industry

We have less computer issues since we started working with 574 Technologies. Whenever there is an issue, they’re always quick to respond and happy to help.

Veterinary Industry
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Are Lagrange Indiana Managed IT Services the best choice for your business?

Choosing a new IT provider can be stressful and difficult. We want to make sure that we’re a good fit for your business, so we offer free consultations so you can learn about how we work and we learn about how you work.

If you decide to work with 574 Technologies, we’ll put together the best solution for your business.

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